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A helpful community of like-minded homesteaders and small scale farmers
Those that have the ability to help others have the moral obligation to do so
~Uncle Ben

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Our goal is to provide a place where those on a path to self-sufficient and self-reliant living can connect with like-minded people.

We host live chat forums with experts from every field of homesteading and self-reliant living. Bridging the gap between people and social media.

Serving our members with amazing content, recipes, guidance, and support.

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We are you. We are everyday Joes walking the walking and doing the best we can in this so-called-life. We are farmers, homesteaders, preppers, off-grid-living, cooks, parents, teachers, gardeners and so much more. Collectively working together on this one website. We do in this in order to bring you all the information you need about self-sufficiency and sustainability so you don't have to spend hours on the internet looking for reliable content. Our live chat forums offer the opportunity to create a community of like-minded people and build relationships.

Live Chat Forums that bridge the gap between people and social media

Connecting you with like-minded people 

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