Seven Precautions Before Installing Epoxy floors

January 21, 2022

This is a very interesting topic. Epoxy floors are beautiful products with unique beautiful surfaces. But, there are times when they look ugly. Epoxy floors can go wrong often and there are many causes.

This article will show you how to install epoxy flooring and all of the other benefits.

What makes flooring products fail?

Here are seven reasons to use

1. Poor surface preparation:

An old surface must be ready for epoxy coating. To coat the epoxy, you’ll need to grind and clean the surface.

2. Humidity

Humidity is another reason. Epoxy products do no bond well with humidity. It is important to dry the surface completely before you coat epoxy.

You don’t want any humidity and wetness.

3. Weak Substrate

A weak substrate is the third reason epoxy floors might fail. It happens when epoxy floor products get coated onto low-quality cement.

It’s not really the epoxy floor, but rather the cement underneath. The slide explains the fact that the cement actually separates it from the cement.

4. A primer is not necessary.

Before flooring installation can begin, it is necessary to prime the surface. The primer seals and penetrates pores to make it easier for adhesion, bonding, and other processes.

This coat should bond well to concrete. The primer will serve as an intermediate layer. You should remember that floors get heavy wear and tear. This is why you need to make sure that the primer adheres well to concrete blocks.

5. Incomplete Surface

Incompatible surfaces are the fifth cause of epoxy floors failing. This is a very important reason, although it does not happen as often as other reasons. Sometimes the substrate might not work with epoxy.

For example, epoxy should not be coated on wood. Wood can bend very easily so it is best to avoid this. If the material is extremely flexible it can break apart and bend. Epoxy can crack if you put it in a bent object.

So you want to make certain that the substance you are putting underneath is strong. Epoxy is like strong concrete. You don’t need to coat around the wooden structure. lining.

6. Contaminated flooring

The sixth reason epoxy floors may fail is contamination. It could be the old floor of a factory floor, or a car service shop floor, where the floor has been subject to a variety of oils and greases as well as chemicals over the years. It is possible to coat epoxy with it, but this will result in a reaction that will not allow for bonding. You must clean the surface as quickly as possible.

7. Bad Mixing of Resins and Hardeners

The seventh reason we found is the wrong combination of hardener and resin. It is necessary to use epoxy in order pack systems that contain both hardener (a resin) and hardener (a epoxy). Before you can actually apply the product, it is necessary to have a properly balanced mixture of the two.

These usually come pre-packaged. People make the common mistake of thinking you don’t need to weight the exact proportions of each A-component.

They think they can do it all together, which is not the right thing to do.