Top Signs You Should Call A Plumber

March 24, 2022

It can be tough for homeowners to think straight while they are in the midst of a plumbing problem. Water is everywhere, and it shows no signs of stopping off. That's why it's a good idea to keep this list available so you always know the top ten warning signals that it's time to contact.

Here are some indications that you want the assistance of your local plumbing specialists.


1. Your Sink Drains Slowly

Do you feel like you're swimming in a kiddies pool when you take a shower? When you're washing dishes, does the water in your kitchen sink reach your elbows? If this is the case, you may have a drainage problem.

While there may be several causes, the bottom line is that something is obstructing your plumbing. Anything from children's toys to food trash and even small rodents might be lodged in your pipes, and you won't know unless you check down your murky drain.

Baulkham Hills plumber, on the other hand, can use a specific instrument known as an auger to clear any obstructions. This is a long and flexible tool, sometimes known as a drain snake, that is ten times more effective than the old wire coat hanger you've been using. Rather than wasting time trying to chisel away at it and maybe damaging the interior of your pipes, make the call.


2. You Don't Have Any Water Pressure

Is it really necessary to spend 20 minutes in the shower only to get the shampoo out of your hair? A lack of water pressure is frequently to a fault.

If you feel like you could stand there for hours and never truly get clean, you're not only wasting important time, but you might also see an increase in your water cost.


3. You Have A Serious Back-Flow Problem

You most likely invested some money on your floor furnishings. Whether you have carpets, rugs, pricey hardwoods, or all three, you've spent time and money keeping your home's underfoot area clean and functioning.

That's why your heart falls a little when you see unpleasant back-flow water rising from your sink and onto the bathroom tile. The fact is that when water enters your sink and drains, it enters a plumbing system that does not smell like a rose garden.

So you don't want any of that liquid to come back up the drain and catch you off guard, especially if it's sewage water.

Back-flow is a rather simple underlying cause, despite how unpleasant it is to deal with. When your home's water pressure lowers for whatever cause, the water might reverse its normal downward flow. Your plumber can stop your main water valve and address the issue front on.


4. The Water Is Gurgling

If your toilet starts gurgling as soon as you start showering, you know something is wrong, but you may not be able to define what it is. When your drain becomes clogged and water becomes caught in the faucet, you'll need the assistance of a professional right once.


5. Water Flows But Doesn't Get Hot

Wanting a hot shower but finding out that the only item on the menu at your residence is ice cold? Outside temperatures are dropping, and this is the time of year when warm water is most required. It's a daily convenience, from cooking and bathing to doing the laundry, and we only understand how important it is when we don't have it.