What Is The Best Way To Use CBD Oil?

March 28, 2022

The best way of consuming CBD is to ask two simple questions: What are you taking CBD for? And how can it integrate seamlessly into your daily life? First, think about why you want CBD. Is there a particular dose you need? What is the best way to take your CBD supplements? It's fine to switch between different dosages if needed.

Second, what will CBD do to your lifestyle? Are you busy? Or do you have the time and resources to measure out dosages?

Whatever way you decide to go, be sure it is what works best for you.

CBD Tinctures

This is by far the best and most effective way of taking CBD oil. It's done under the tongue. Sublingual Consumption allows you to apply the oil directly under your tongue for between 60 and 90 seconds before swallowing. Sublingual consumption allows CBD to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream, instead of being processed and passed through several systems.

CBD Tinctures Pros

Easy to Use- it can easily fit in your purse, pocket, briefcases, backpack, and other small containers. How clever are you going to store Tinctures in other places?

Quick-Acting– Tinctures offer immediate and effective relief from discomfort. There is only a 15-20 minute wait before the effects start to manifest throughout your body.

This means you can get the same results using less CBD than the less efficient delivery methods.

Consistent Absorption Tinctures do not have to be eaten. Therefore, they can't be metabolized. Tinctures absorb CBD more consistently than edible CBD.

The Best for High Dosage- Tinctures offer the most effective way to administer CBD at higher doses to those with high tolerances and people taking CBD for specific conditions.

CBD Tinctures – Cons

The easiest to dosing incorrectly – Droppers are tricky and, unless you're familiar with Tinctures, it can be difficult for you to know how many drops you need. All Envy Tinctures include dropper measurements, which makes them easier to identify.

Faster Effects– Tinctures are one the most efficient methods to get CBD. The downside to this is that the effects take less time than other delivery options, such as Gummies.

CBD Gummies

What if you have too many liquids to carry around? Do you feel uncomfortable if you have to carry a bottle of liquid that looks suspicious under your tongue? CBD gummies 1000mg is the best way to find relief.

CBD Gummies Pros

Delicious and Easy to Consume – CBD gummies are sweet and chewy morsels with a variety of flavors. This makes them a great way to get your CBD every day.

Easy-to-Dose- The Gummies are very easy to do. There is no math to learn or guesswork. Gummies are infused with 10mg Full Spectrum CBD per serving. You can easily dial in the dose that is right for you, and it will keep you consistent.

All-round Relief– The delivery method uses CBD that has to be metabolized first in your liver before it is distributed throughout your bloodstream. This delivery method will allow CBD to interact with your Endocannabinoid System and all parts of the body and brain.

Long-lasting – Gummies give slow-release comfort. Instead of carrying around CBD Tincture that you need to dose every 4 to 6 hrs, just eat a few Gummies.

Discreet- The most discreet way to take CBD is through gummies. Gummies are silent, odorless, and discreet. They can be taken at work, at home, at the cinema, or anywhere else you want.

CBD Gummies – Cons

Slow onset Time– Gummies are consumed, so a slower start time can be expected. For CBD to be absorbed by the Gummies, it must be broken down. This can take anywhere between 45 minutes and two hours. They do not provide immediate and effective relief.

Metabolism Changes– Metabolism is also a factor. The CBD absorption rate will change as the speed of metabolism changes. This means that even a consistent dosage of CBD could have inconsistent results. This is a problem that can be overcome with common sense and routine. The Gummies will absorb more if you have a consistent and healthy diet and eat them at the same times every day.

CBD Topicals

What if you experienced discomfort in one particular area of your body. After a tough sport, you might experience sore muscles, joint pain, or skin irritation. CBD Topics help to reduce localized discomfort. CBD is an added benefit. While most products can provide some miniaturization, CBD also has therapeutic properties.

Topicals Pros

Discreet- Generally, you can carry topicals in your handbag or car.

Apply directly – Topicals are great for those who are sensitive or allergic to CBD. Instead of blanketing your body with CBD, it's easier to apply it directly at the source of your discomfort. Rub CBD on your knees to relieve pain if you have had a bad knee. It can be used directly to treat skin conditions.


Low absorption rate CBD is absorbed by the skin barrier but at a lower rate than other delivery methods. You will need more CBD to get the same results. You will get the same results.

Tough to Use– Although we can estimate the contents of a full-sized container of CBD, it is impossible to know exactly how much is contained in a dollop.

Not ideal for Mental/Psychological Condition– Because of their lower absorption rate, and direct application, topicals may not be the best method to apply CBD to treat mental or psychological conditions like insomnia.