Make A Remarkable Transformation to Your Bedroom Decor with The Right Chandelier

April 2, 2022

Decorating your room is quite simple but everyone wants to get it different from others. Chandeliers get a different mood and vibe to your room. It has its classy way of improving the room’s look. It gets a creative look in your room. It makes the ambient lighting when compared to the direct or task lighting and mllow the look of a room.

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When you find out about the bedroom chandelier’s ideas and inspiration, keep the size, placement safety in mind. 

How do you choose the right size?

The size of chandelier you choose for your bedroom must depend on the spot you want to place them. Below mentioned are a some bedroom chandelier placement ideas so you can know if you need a small bedroom chandelier or a larger option.

  • Centered placement – Having a centered chandelier would be exactly positioned over the foot of your bed. Add the width and length of your room and convert it into inches. The inches you get in the end is the perfect size of your chandelier according to the room.


For instance, if any of your room in the house is 12 feet wide 13 feet long then your chandelier will be approximately 25” in diameter. 


  • Over the bed placement: Another popular placement for the chandelier is at the center of the room. The size of the bed will decide the size of the chandelier. A large chandelier won’t blend well with a small-sized bed. The mini chandelier won’t pair along with the king-or-queen-sized bed frame. Calculating generally a chandelier with a diameter of twenty-four inches will look great over a full or twin-sized bed. 

Choosing the right light for your bedroom is all about understanding the basics, using the art of light and let it blend with the theme of the room and color scheme. The bedroom is a personal space that is dramatic, romantic, soothing, and functional all depending on your needs and time of the day.

 Lighting is the main element in setting the tone according to your mood. A mood chandelier is well suited in a bedroom with a dimmer switch, and it allows you to dimmer the light according to your mood. Thinking of how the chandelier would work, as in on or off! The position of the light switch is easily accessible.

The wattage is equally important as the size of the chandelier. Multiply the width and length of the room and then multiply the total by 1.5 the sum you get is the total weight you required for your chandelier.

Make your room decorated with beautiful and variant kinds of chandeliers. It gives the room an elegant look and has a welcoming atmosphere. If you are trying to experiment with your room, then do try chandeliers for the décor.