What exactly are we buying houses business?

April 20, 2022

We buy houses firms and other cash purchasers provide homeowners with a quick option. They buy properties “as-is,” that is, in their existing state, with no repairs or preparation, and pay cash.

Because the typical house selling procedure does not work for everyone, these firms exist. In Kansas, for example, a typical house sale might take up to 101 days from listing to close. Some homeowners are unable to wait that long.

Furthermore, these businesses offer an alternative for sellers whose houses are in such terrible condition that they would be unable to get financing from regular purchasers.

When should you use we buy houses company?

A cash buyer may be a fantastic choice for house owners who need to sell quickly, don’t want to pay for repairs out of pocket, or want a more convenient selling strategy.

However, they are not suitable for everyone.

We buy houses in central Kansas and make bids that are well below fair market value to earn a profit. Simply put, the benefits of speed and convenience provided by these organizations may not always exceed the cost to your bottom line. To gain the greatest value for your house, you’re often better suited to deal with a full-service real estate agent on the open market.

How do we buy Houses Company operate?

While the finer points and timelines differ from one organization to the next, we buy houses in Kansas all follow the same fundamental business strategy.

  • A prospective house seller contacts the cash buying firm directly.
  • The company evaluates the property, focusing on factors such as necessary repairs and potential resale value.
  • Based on the amount of time and money required to invest in the property, the company makes an “as-is” cash offer.
  • If the homeowner accepts, the deal closes quickly because there is no need to negotiate, wait for financing approval, or inspect and appraise the property.

The expedited procedure favors homeowners who lack the finances or time required for a typical sale.

Official vs. Ballpark offerings

Many Kansas buy houses organizations claim to be able to give you an offer in as little as seven minutes. This isn’t a formal offer.

After speaking with a corporate representative, they will provide you with an approximate estimate of how much they will pay. Few firms will make a binding offer without first seeing the property – and if they do, it will be much lower to account for potential concerns.

Following an in-person examination, the corporation will make a legal offer, frequently on the spot.

Who is the person who buys your house?

Some of Kansas’s larger, well-known we buy houses organizations aren’t genuinely interested in purchasing your property. It’s instead a network of local investors, or the firm just connects potential sellers’ information to local home flippers.

In these circumstances, the length of the procedure is determined by the investors in your region. We contacted a few we buy houses firms that offered offers in under an hour… And none of them answered inside that period.