Vase Shapes – How To Choose

May 9, 2022

We can help you choose the right vase for your next event or gift to brighten someone's day.

Different Vase Shapes

We have compiled a list of the most popular vase shapes and materials. This guide will help you create the perfect arrangement for your home and show you where to place them. Glass is a common material used in making wall vases and is often paired with gold or metal commonly seen to Enhance the bouquet's beauty and freshness.


Crystal vases are well known for holding romantic Crystal vases that are used often to enhance the bouquet's appearance and show elegance and luxury.


Metal vases are a modern and durable option. These vases are durable and great for outdoor entertainment. They come in many finishes and textures.


A wooden vase will give the bouquet a natural look since the stems are not visible. To preserve the vase's quality, you will need to ensure that the wood is not rotted.

After you've decided on the vase location and material, you can start to choose your vase shape.

1. Mason Jar

Mason jars make a great vase shape that is cost-effective and can be paired with farma house or rustic decor. You can style them in many styles, including vintage or modern. You can paint your mason vase, add ribbon or twine to it, or let its traditional shape be the centerpiece of your dining room.

2. Bottle of milk

The milk bottle's long neck makes bouquets with lots of foliage and filler flowers shine. This vase is perfect for creating a rustic, wild bouquet or for highlighting a few flowers to create a delicate look. You can use milk bottle vases to make a tablescape or set of vases. To create a vintage feel, arrange milk bottle vase shapes inside a metal carrier.

Add the foliage to a vase to create a lush foundation. This will give the vase a wild, wispy appearance before adding the focal stems. To maintain balance, add the pink rose stems one at a time to the vase. Next, add the red roses or Mokara Orchids. The taller stems should be in the middle of your bouquet. The shorter ones should be closer to the bottom and outside so that they can get water. To balance out the bright pinks of the other flowers, you can add light pink spray roses.

3. Rustic Vase

The rustic vase is well-known for its narrow opening and rounded bottom. The vase's bottom is wide enough to support heavy flowers. It won't easily be knocked over. Because of its playful and informal shape, this vase looks great in the kitchen or on a window seat.

4. Cylinder Vase

With their simple shape and variety of sizes, cylinder vases are beautiful and elegant. These vases are great for pairing with taller stems such as red roses or orchids, to complement a beautiful flower shape. Cylinder vases are a great decorative piece for your entryway, bookshelf, or guest room. A cylinder vase arrangement placed on your dining room table can make a statement. However, guests may want to remove it to make space for each other.

5. Bouquet Vase

A bouquet vase can hold the most beautiful bouquets. These vase shapes are great for holding large heads of flowers that look like a milk bottle. To ensure that the vase doesn't overshadow the flowers that are purchased from florist Rose Bay, it is best to use at least seven-inch tall flowers.