Candle Making Strategies For Beginners

May 13, 2022

They are placed on top of birthday cakes to receive a ceremonious wish. Our favourite candles are the ones that are lit to provide warmth and a subtle scent.

If you are looking for the perfect candle, there is no better feeling than burning your soy candle!


Get The Benefits From Scents

Research suggests that our senses of smell are directly linked to our emotional centres. This is how certain scents can bring back childhood memories, and cause nostalgia.

The effects of different scents on emotions and moods are well-known. Scents can help you focus, sleeplessness, and increase your alertness.

Then where do candles come in? A scented candle is a great way to diffuse the scent throughout your home. A high quality scented candle will emit a gentle scent, making it a simple and long-lasting option for creating a lovely-smelling home.

The lighting and burning of candles can also be part and parcel of a ritual. A candle can set the mood for a meditation or a morning cup.


Candle Making: the Candle makers Gift and Hobby

You may be tempted to light some candles, and then experiment with unique scents. Making homemade candles at home is a rewarding way to enjoy the process for friends and family.


What's An Ideal Gift?

Candles make a great gift option for your family and friends. Who doesn't love a candle? The candle making kits make your gift even more personal because it adds an extra layer of personalization.

There are special Christmas candles and memorable birthday fun. There is something for every occasion. With a kit of choice, you can brighten the day of someone and share in the joys of a new hobby.

Parents will be aware that children are spending more time indoors and it's becoming harder for them to stay active and productive. Candle making is a fun, easy activity to keep children entertained indoors.

Grab a set and add a Child-Friendly Option to your kit for some family bonding.


Candle Making Tips For Beginners

You can save time by purchasing a candle making set. Your wax and shape will be predetermined. However, these tips can be applied to all candle making projects.


  • Choosing The Right Candle Wax Type

The wax is the key element to a candle's success. There are many options for wax types, from beeswax to paraffin wax. However, we recommend that you opt for something less harmful to the environment and less likely not to sing.

Soy wax is our favourite wax. It is long-lasting, less likely to scorch, and environmentally friendly. The availability and price range of the waxes you will use will impact which one you choose.


  • Selecting Your Container

The container that you use to pour the hot wax will need to withstand heat. It should also not crack. This factor should be considered when making a selection. A measuring jug works well for transferring hot wax into a candle container.