Are You Looking To Upgrade Your Kitchen?

January 22, 2023

One of the greatest methods to alter the look of your kitchen is to replace the countertops. Did you know that, in most circumstances, a remodeled kitchen increases the value of your home? If you want to sell your house soon, you should consider updating your kitchen before listing it. Granite countertops are an excellent method to upgrade your kitchen and increase the value of your property!

Granite Countertops Have Five Advantages

As a natural stone, granite is one of the hardest materials on the earth. Granite typically emanates sophistication and majesty when used as kitchen worktops. Some of the benefits of having granite countertops in your kitchen are as follows.

1. Resistant Against Chips And Scratches

One of the main advantages of choosing Denver granite countertops for your kitchen is that the material is so robust that it resists chipping and scratches under typical use. Granite is the world’s second hardest substance, after only diamonds. However, you should always utilize a cutting board when dicing, chopping, and slicing dishes since sharp knives and cleavers might harm the granite. Granite countertops may last for decades if properly constructed.

2. Cost-Effective

Have you ever pondered the popularity of granite countertops? This is due in part to their low cost. The difference in pricing is related to the thickness of the slab and the corresponding extra installation fees. The more expensive the installation, the thicker the slab.

Furthermore, when the cost of the investment is considered, granite becomes more cheap. The majority of granite countertops will endure at least thirty years (and in some cases, much longer)!

3. Resistance To Heat

Another advantage of granite countertops is their resilience to heat. Granite is created naturally by pressure and heat, therefore granite countertops are heat resistant. You may even place a hot pot or skillet on your granite counters without burning them, however, we recommend using pot holders.

4. It Is Stain Resistant

Granite countertops, in addition to being heat resistant, are stain resistant when properly sealed. Because granite is porous, it may be discolored by alkalis and acids. If spills dry on the counter surface, use a plastic scraper to gently scrape them away. When having granite countertops put in, inquire about the sort of sealer to be used every year.

5. One-Of-A-Kind

Because each piece of granite is unique, no one else will have the same countertops as you. There are several varieties of granite available, depending on which granite slab would be ideal for your granite kitchen countertops. Granite is a popular material, and the natural pattern of sealed granite countertops can elevate your kitchen to new heights!

What Services Can Granite And Marble Designs Provide?

First, technical advancements enable us to generate high-quality products while adhering to strict deadlines. Furthermore, our crew is not only comfortable working in a contemporary workplace, but we eagerly embrace it. The project managers at Granite And Marble Designs are sensitive to the demands of commercial and residential builders, designers, and engineers. Our experience working with plans, pdf, cad files, and other formats will ensure that no details are overlooked on your project.

Furthermore, we have a long history and a diverse portfolio of extremely unique projects. Tight tolerances, fresh modern designs, and troubleshooting of difficult concepts are areas in which we truly excel. Granite And Marble Designs can take on difficulties that other shops cannot due to digital templating, and ultrahigh-pressure waterjet cutting. We have numerous firms with whom we frequently collaborate, and we develop tops via email design that are then transported across the nation for installation. Extremely precise tolerances are necessary for these scenarios. These connections have shown to be advantageous to both parties.

Finally, at Granite And Marble Designs, we strive to give on-time bids, fair and honest pricing, the finest quality completed products, and time frames. We cooperate with all natural stone and quartz manufacturers. We can typically help identify solutions for smaller budgets by utilizing our vast collection of slabs and granite samples. At Granite And Marble Designs, we fully understand our professional clients’ wants and aspirations, and we aim to fulfill whatever they may wish when it comes to granite surfaces in their homes or workplace.