Why Do Cotton Bags Exceed Plastic Bags?

Custom Reusable Shopping Bags
February 28, 2023

With all the ongoing global debates on sustainability and the need not to rely too heavily on plastics, it is common for shoppers to carry their cotton bags. In some cases, countries have implemented stricter regulations, taxes, and outright bans to discourage the use of plastic bags.

Cotton vs. Plastic

The question is, why are cotton bags better for you than plastic ones? Here are some reasons cotton is a better option:


Plastic bags are only used for 15 seconds; then, they are discarded. They take another 1000 years before they decompose. They can leach toxic chemicals into our environment, which is harmful to all life forms. In such an instance, cotton bags can be a better alternative because they are organic and can easily decompose naturally without affecting Mother Nature.


Cotton bags can last for years, unlike plastic bags. They can be used for as long as a year if they are kept clean. Plastic bags, however, can only be used once. An average person disposes of 700 plastic bags every year. Since only 1% of these plastic bags can be recycled, they pollute our waterways and the soil. So, cotton bags can be used to reduce plastic waste drastically.


Plastic bags can be made with fewer resources and energy, but they are still very useful. The world uses approximately 500 million plastic bags annually, a significant use of fossil fuel resources. Organic cotton bags are a resource-light alternative to plastic bags.


According to estimates, 8 million plastic pieces enter the oceans every day. Additionally, billions of dollars are used yearly to clean up the plastic waste in our cities and waterways. The world would be greatly helped if plastic bags were not used in the first place.

Shopping Bags That Can Be Customized To Include Your Logo and Name

Custom Reusable Shopping Bags are becoming more popular as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. You can benefit from customized reusable shopping bag purchases for your small business in many ways. One, you are providing something valuable to your customers. Also, your reusable bag will be a big eye-catcher for your brand. Furthermore, you’re showing kindness to the planet by reducing plastic use.

Some sellers will print full-color logos. Other sellers may offer one or more colors. Some sellers only allow text to be printed. Some bags can print only text. Others are drawstring bags. This means that there are many options, and it can get overwhelming. We made it easy for you to determine the best places to purchase custom reusable shopping carts with your logo and business name.

Tips for Getting Customized Reusable Shop Bags

There are a few key points to remember when shopping for custom bags.

Get in touch with the seller – Customizing something is a key part of the process.

Know what you want –Ensure you have a solid idea before ordering. You may also need to add a backup idea. This includes the size, material, and quantity of bags you are interested in and the layout and logo you wish to use.

Bulk buy –Sellers offer bulk pricing. Remember these things as you plan your budget for the desired bags.