Online Realtor Schooling: A Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming A Licensed Agent

July 15, 2023

In today’s digital age, the accessibility and convenience of online education have revolutionized various industries, including real estate. Online realtor schooling has become an increasingly popular choice for aspiring agents seeking their licenses. By following this detailed guide, you can gain a thorough understanding of obtaining a real estate agent license through online education.

Step 1: Research And Select An Accredited Online School

To acquire a real estate agent license, the initial phase involves conducting thorough research and choosing a reputable online educational institution. It is important to seek out schools that are accredited by reputable real estate organizations or regulatory bodies in your specific area. When making a decision, take into account factors such as course options, expenses, flexibility, and the availability of student support services.

Step 2: Enroll In Pre-Licensing Courses

Once you have chosen an online school, enroll in their pre-licensing courses. These courses are designed to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to succeed in the real estate industry. The curriculum typically covers real estate principles, contracts, property management, finance, and ethics.

Step 3: Attend Virtual Classes And Complete Assignments

Realtor schooling online offers the flexibility to learn at your own pace and schedule. Attend virtual classes and complete assignments as instructed by your online instructors. Improve your comprehension of the topic by utilizing interactive educational resources, video presentations, and online forums for engaging in discussions. Engage with fellow students to exchange ideas and gain insights from different perspectives.

Step 4: Prepare For The Licensing Exam

To become a licensed real estate agent, you must pass the licensing exam specific to your jurisdiction. Online schools often provide comprehensive exam preparation materials, including practice tests and study guides. Dedicate time to review the course material, take practice exams, and identify areas where you need additional study.

Step 5: Take The Licensing Exam

Schedule your licensing exam once you feel adequately prepared. The exam may consist of national and state-specific portions, testing your knowledge of real estate laws, regulations, and practices. Review any specific requirements or documentation needed to sit for the exam in your jurisdiction.

Step 6: Complete Post-Licensing Requirements (If Applicable)

Some jurisdictions may have additional post-licensing requirements that must be fulfilled after passing the licensing exam. These requirements may include completing a certain number of hours of continuing education or undergoing a mentorship program. Please familiarize yourself with these obligations and fulfill them within the stipulated timeframe.

Step 7: Obtain A Real Estate License

After successfully passing the licensing exam and fulfilling any post-licensing requirements, it’s time to apply for your real estate license. Follow the instructions provided by your local real estate regulatory authority to complete the application process. Be prepared to submit the necessary documentation, pay applicable fees, and undergo a background check.


Online realtor schooling offers a flexible and convenient route toward obtaining a licensed real estate agent status. You can effortlessly navigate the entire process by adhering to this comprehensive, sequential handbook. It is crucial to select an accredited online institution, enroll in pre-licensing classes, adequately prepare for and successfully clear the licensing examination, fulfill any obligatory post-licensing criteria, and submit your real estate license application. With unwavering dedication and commitment, you can embark on a fulfilling profession within the real estate sector.