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Our goal is to provide you with a space to share your knowledge, connect with other like-minded bloggers and readers, and build your personal and professional brand.

Old Paths Homesteading is a rapidly growing community and our goal is to maintain the quality of the content we provide to readers on a daily basis.

Important: Old Paths Homesteading does not pay any fees to authors.

Why should I contribute content? What’s in it for me?

Here are just a few ways you’ll benefit:

  • Multiple bloggers and websites sharing your content.
  • Reach a rapidly growing readership with our active subscribers
  • Multiple articles to share or link to all in one location, no more having to keep up with all the different share threads.
  • Live chat forums where you can share your related content directly with our members.
  • Receive promotion to social media followers across several platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Earn valuable backlinks that improve your website’s PageRank
  • Build your reputation and earn credibility
  • Affiliate and income opportunities.
  • Support from like-minded bloggers who sincerely want You to succeed.
  • The opportunity to promote yourself and/or your company with your bio and links to your website and social media accounts in association with your contribution
  • Participation in a community of individuals like yourself focused on building and improving their online businesses

How will Old Paths Homesteading promote my post?

  • Send to Old Paths Homesteading email subscribers
  • Host snippets of your blog posts on our website, www.oldpathshomesteading.com, with a 'read more' link back to your website.
  • Tweet post from @oldpathshome and @mention the author
  • Share on our Facebook page(s) with author @mention
  • We’ll share on Instagram
  • Share on Pinterest
  • Respond to comments on all platforms shared

What kind of promotion is expected from us?

  • Tweet the post with a mention of @oldpathshome
  • Share on Facebook with mention of @Old Paths Homesteading
  • Respond to comments daily on the blog and social for the first 3 days after publication
  • Post the ‘Contributor at Old Paths Home' graphic on your website sidebar.
  • Participate in the group chat forums when available
  • Show support and encouragement for fellow members


What topics are Old Paths Homesteading looking for?

As our slogan states, we provide help, knowledge, and community to those that want it.

Your articles should be able to fit into at least one of the following categories:


How to Get Started

  1. Read our contributor guidelines
  2. If you are interested in becoming a contributor and/or syndicating your blog with us, please fill out our online application form to get started, and be prepared to provide the following:
    • Your name & contact information
    • Your website URL
    • 3 related writing samples which demonstrate the topics and the quality of the posts that you hope to submit to Old Paths Homesteading

Please be advised: we strive to return with an answer to your application within 7 business days. We appreciate your patience as we handle these requests quickly, in the order they were received.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please note: acceptance to our contributor program and publication of contributed content is at the sole discretion of Old Paths Homesteading.

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