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Crocheting and Knitting

Old Paths Crocheting and Knitting

10 Ways to Battle The Biting Insects and Mosquitoes On The Homestead

By Erica Nygaard | Mar 25, 2019

10 Ways to Battle The Biting Insects and Mosquitoes On The Homestead Insects can be so beneficial and so annoying. They can help with insect control and eat mites. They can also bite you in places you never thought they could get to. Where I live we deal with the biting flies, the no see-ums (sandflies),…

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The Easy Way to Build Healthy Garden Soil

By Susan Vinskofski | Mar 25, 2019

  The Importance of Healthy Soil When you think of gardening, do you immediately think of a plentiful harvest? Why garden at all, after all, if not for the harvest? But I encourage you to first think of your garden’s soil. The soil is the foundation of your garden, and your vegetable harvest will only…

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What Is The Chicken Pecking Order

By Amber Bradshaw | Mar 25, 2019

Pecking Order In The Hen-House- What Is Pecking Order Just like work at the office, kids on the playground, and the coop, there is always a pecking order. Where one animal, or person, is the top dog and everyone falls in line somewhere below that person. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been at…

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5 Things to Consider When Planning a New Chicken Coop

By Shelle Wells | Mar 17, 2019

When people plan their new chicken coop, it can be interesting to watch. I find that they are in two basic camps. Either they go for the ‘taj mahal’ of coops with all the bells and whistles like heated floors and real windows or they lean toward the upcycled variety, gathering supplies from wherever they can find…

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