Using Herbs to Ease Neck Pain

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Neck pain is the worst, and it can be the result of injury, or simply just sleeping weird. Let me preface everything I’m going to say with, if you have injured your neck in some way, please go see a doctor. However, if you woke up with pain, or your pain is from a tension headache or some other minor issue, this information on how to ease neck pain with herbs may help you.

As you get older, you are noticing more and more pain in your body. It can be joint pain, muscle pain, pain from headaches, it doesn’t really matter–it’s there. This pain isn’t always something that you would necessarily head to the doctor for, as it’s really just pain that comes and goes. Often, that kind of pain, since it can’t really be duplicated or explained, doesn’t get resolved at the doctor anyway. That’s the reason for all of the over-the-counter pain medications available to us.

Over-the-counter pain medications work great to relieve pain, but they often come with side effects that you may not want to deal with. While herbs also have what some may call “side effects”, those are really just herbal actions. In other words, it’s just how a particular herb works, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Still, it is best to understand that many herbs have specific “affinities” to certain parts and areas of the body. This is important to understand when using herbs.

Tried and True Remedies from My Personal Files

Using herbs isn’t difficult if you know how to make herbal preparations. I have a mini eBook that I’m making available to you, completely free. It will help you learn 4 basic herbal preparations very easily, and it’s available at the end of this post.

One thing to really understand when making your own medicine from herbs is that much of the information you may receive is anecdotal. It’s not that herbalists (and aspiring herbalists, like myself) are just throwing herbs together just to see what happens, it’s just that bodies are different.

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