Save Money by Making Nutritious Yogurt at Home

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Save Money by Making Nutritious Yogurt at Home


If your family loves those single-serving containers of yogurt as much as we do, you might be spending a big chunk of your grocery budget on yogurt alone. In spite of how healthy a daily helping of yogurt can be, I’ve had to consider those little containers of yogurt with the fancy additives such as nuts, fruit and chocolate chunks as an occasional treat instead of a healthy daily snack. Ok, maybe the chocolate chunks aren’t that healthy, but they sure are a fun addition.

Health Benefits of Homemade Yogurt

But making yogurt at home is so easy – and homemade yogurt is even healthier than yogurt from the grocery store because it doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners and other additives.


One cup of yogurt can provide 49% of our daily calcium requirements for healthy bones and teeth. The phosphorus, magnesium and potassium in yogurt help regulate blood pressure, metabolism and bone health.


The B vitamins in yogurt can protect against heart disease. Yogurt also contains saturated fat which increases good HDL cholesterol levels.


The live bacteria in the yogurt cultures may benefit your digestive health. Probiotics such as those in yogurt, when consumed regularly, may strengthen your immune system. And eating protein-rich yogurt can help to reduce hunger and boost your metabolism.


It’s so easy to make yogurt at home. Your family can enjoy eating wholesome homemade yogurt that is simple to make for a fraction of the cost. You don’t even need a yogurt maker; there are several ways to keep your yogurt warm while it incubates.


Homemade yogurt tastes delicious can be flavored with fresh fruit and other healthy ingredients, and won’t bust your grocery budget. You just need a couple of ingredients, a few Mason jars in which to make and store your yogurt, and a starter for your first batch, which is easily obtained at the grocery store.


These days I use fresh milk from our goats, but for decades I made yogurt with whole cow’s milk from the grocery store. You can too!


Learn how to make delicious, nutritious yogurt at home in this article from Oak Hill Homestead.  


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