5 Things to Consider When Planning a New Chicken Coop

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When people plan their new chicken coop, it can be interesting to watch. I find that they are in two basic camps. Either they go for the ‘taj mahal’ of coops with all the bells and whistles like heated floors and real windows or they lean toward the upcycled variety, gathering supplies from wherever they can find them. Luckily chickens will adapt to any kind of coop you give them.

There are five basic things to consider when planning a new coop. These recommendations help your chickens to be safe from predators, keep them healthy, and make cleanup easy.



When choosing a coop, you have several options. The first is to purchase one that is pre-built and delivered to your home. You can often find them at a local home improvement store, or search online for local artisans building their own. This is the easiest way to get a new coop, but also the most expensive.

Ready to assemble coops are available, but they are often just as expensive as the prebuilt items. If you don’t mind doing a little work, you can purchase kit plans that show you how to build it yourself. These will include a list of all the materials you need.

Another option is to convert a small storage shed into a chicken coop. This will provide plenty of room for a large flock of standard egg layers.

Finally, you can build your own from scratch if you can find the materials. Building materials can be found just about anywhere, including those that were dumped by someone else.


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