Once a Month Canning

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Have you heard of Once a Month Meals?  The idea is, you take one full day to prepare the basics of a month’s worth of meals.  Typically, you freeze each meal base and take them out when you need to heat them and serve.  Well, here’s a schedule for Once a Month Meals – the Home Canning version!

Here are twelve store-bought items you will water-bath and pressure can at home this year.  One food each month.  No stress, a modest time investment, lots of healthy meal planning at home.

Once a Month Canning

This once a month meals canning schedule can help you be prepared to whip up healthy, home-canned meals for your family from your pantry, instead of your freezer.  It can result in both money and time savings!

Now, this list is SIMPLE on purpose.  If you are an experienced canner and look at this list and think, “Bah, I can do this stuff in my sleep!”, go right ahead and customize it for your year and your family.  You are a smart person and know what you can do.

For beginner-canners, this list is meant to do two things:

  1. Empower, not overwhelm you.
  2. Inspire you to begin this year.

12 Store-Bought Foods to Can at Home

FYI, this list is completely adaptable to your region, farmers market, backyard garden, personal schedule and personal tastes.  If you’re a backyard gardener, or you’re used to shopping your markets for seasonal foods, you’ll notice that this canning schedule follows the harvests.

If you don’t know how to can these items, we’ve included instructions for each one.  You can plan your trips to the farmers market or the grocery store around your canning schedule.

To get the Once a Month Canning Schedule and to finish reading the article, click here.


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Tessa Zundel is the homemaking, homesteading, homeschooling mother of five small children and wife to one long-suffering man. She currently lives on 15 acres in the wilds of Missouri. She is an advanced master gardener and has worked with several community groups in areas of home education, gardening and seed saving. She is also the author of The Do It Yourself Homestead, as well as several other e-publications including, Herbs in the Bathtub. She is also the voice behind the homestead-family-building blog, Homestead Lady.

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