Side Hustles on the Homestead

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Side Hustles on the Homestead

Need to make a little money from the homestead? Consider these side hustles from the homestead – 3 types, over 25 detailed side hustles for any homesteader.

Why Side Hustles on the Homestead?

It’s no secret to anyone who’s tried it that “living the simple life” ain’t so simple. Downsizing and generally de-cluttering our lives and spaces is a good and noble thing. We even wrote a whole article on how to KonMari on the Homestead!

However, downsizing doesn’t always equal simplifying.  Neither does learning to DIY always equate to saving money.  The fact is, homesteading costs, just like everything else.  It costs money, time and energy.  It’s a cost that’s worth the investment, but the bill does come due in various ways.

If you’re going to spend capital, time and energy into living the self-sufficient lifestyle, there’s no rule that says you’re not allowed to make a little money from the venture at the same time.  However, it’s not something that you have to do in order to “make it” as a homesteader.

3 Categories of Side Hustles on the Homestead

We’ve broken these products up into three categories so you can better wrap your brain around them.  They are as follows:

  1. Raw – These are items you can sell or trade that an animal produces, the ground grows or is essentially created by something other than you.  These products also don’t require a lot of manipulation from you to sell.
  2. Value Added – These are items for sale or trade that you create from the raw products that come off your homestead. These require some manipulation on your part.
  3. Services –  These ideas will most likely require an investment of time and energy from you but may serve to build up your brand and authority in a particular area. Just like all of these ideas, they also provide a legitimate and needed service to your community for which you deserve to be compensated.

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Making an extra income isn't so hard when you can do some of these side hustles.

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Tessa Zundel is the homemaking, homesteading, homeschooling mother of five small children and wife to one long-suffering man. She currently lives on 15 acres in the wilds of Missouri. She is an advanced master gardener and has worked with several community groups in areas of home education, gardening and seed saving. She is also the author of The Do It Yourself Homestead, as well as several other e-publications including, Herbs in the Bathtub. She is also the voice behind the homestead-family-building blog, Homestead Lady.

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