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How Testing Garden Soil Gives You Knowledge

testing garden soil

Successful gardens start with testing garden soil to learn which nutrients and minerals you may be lacking in before planting In the excitement of starting a new garden, it’s easy to get caught up in seed catalogs and grand gardening dreams – but for any garden to succeed, you must first do two things: Determine…

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The Ultimate Guide to Raising Meat Rabbits


The Ultimate Guide to Raising Meat Rabbits Have you ever considered raising meat rabbits? They are an excellent, nearly self-sustaining meat source, perfect for any small homestead. Before you totally dismiss it, thinking rabbits are too cute to even think about eating, just take a few things into consideration.

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What Is The Chicken Pecking Order


Pecking Order In The Hen-House- What Is Pecking Order Just like work at the office, kids on the playground, and the coop, there is always a pecking order. Where one animal, or person, is the top dog and everyone falls in line somewhere below that person. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been at…

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5 Things to Consider When Planning a New Chicken Coop

chicken coop-backyard chickens-coop-livestock

When people plan their new chicken coop, it can be interesting to watch. I find that they are in two basic camps. Either they go for the ‘taj mahal’ of coops with all the bells and whistles like heated floors and real windows or they lean toward the upcycled variety, gathering supplies from wherever they can find…

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