The Easy Way to Build Healthy Garden Soil

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The Importance of Healthy Soil

When you think of gardening, do you immediately think of a plentiful harvest? Why garden at all, after all, if not for the harvest? But I encourage you to first think of your garden’s soil.

The soil is the foundation of your garden, and your vegetable harvest will only be as healthy as your garden soil. While a garden with poor soil may produce vegetables, they won’t contain the nutrients, or taste as good, as vegetables are grown in soil that has provided all that is needed for its health.

And healthy garden soil will make your work in the garden much easier; plants grown in healthy soil have fewer problems with disease and pests.

My passion is building soil, which is why I wrote The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil which teaches a way to garden that builds soil for a super productive, healthy garden.

How to Build Healthy Garden Soil

Building a garden with a method known as lasagna gardening builds amazing, healthy garden soil. In addition, if you implement this method of gardening, also known as sheet composting, you will never again have to dig a garden. And you will drastically reduce the amount of weeding that will need to be done.

You can build a lasagna garden right on the top of the ground with no need to dig first. You can even build lasagna garden layers right on top of grass; it will decompose and add nutrients to your vegetable garden.

A variety of materials are used to build healthy soil this way. The first layer is newspaper or cardboard. Some of the more common materials that are layered on top of the newspaper are hay, straw, chopped leaves, grass clippings, and manure.

But there’s no set “recipe” for a lasagna garden. You may even use rotting logs.

To get all the details so that you can build a garden that builds healthy garden soil click over to Lasagna Gardening – an Easy and Productive Way to Garden.


About Susan Vinskofski

Author Susan Vinskofski dug up her parents’ entire backyard at age 16 to plant a vegetable garden, and has been gardening ever since. Susan is passionate about building soil and growing and eating the most nutrient-dense food she can find. When she’s not in the garden or blogging at Learning And Yearning, she’s in her kitchen preparing food, making herbal remedies, or whipping up a batch of homemade soap.


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