What Is The Chicken Pecking Order

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Pecking Order In The Hen-House- What Is Pecking Order

Just like work at the office, kids on the playground, and the coop, there is always a pecking order. Where one animal, or person, is the top dog and everyone falls in line somewhere below that person. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been at the top of the pecking order, but, I’m pretty sure I’ve been at the bottom a time or two. If you are new to chickens, you may be wondering ‘what is the chicken pecking order?”. Here is an easy-to-understand explanation of what it is and what you need to do about it. 

Natural Order Of Things

If you’re new to raising chickens, seeing the pecking order for the first time may be disturbing or even alarming. One chicken bullying the others, or, even one being ostracized. The truth is, as disturbing as it may seem, the pecking order is the natural order of things and us humans shouldn’t meddle or act as playground warden.

The Pecking Order- How It Works

Visualize a chain of command. The leader is on top, his (or her) right-hand man under him, their secretary and so on. Now apply that visual to your chicken flock.

You will have one chicken who is the top alpha of the coop. Since we’re dealing with chickens, we’ll call it the Top Cluck. The Top Cluck will be on the top roost, get the first worm, be the first to the feed and pretty much be the boss of the yard.

How Many Are In Order- Pecking That Is

Whether you have three, or, three-hundred chickens, this pecking order will always be there. Top cluck, righthand cluck, all the ones in the middle, and bottom cluck.

The bottom cluck will be just that, the last one in the lunch line and the bottom one on the roost. But remember, this is the natural order of things. Any human involvement to change this will muck things up. So, let the clucks do what they do best.

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