What You Need to Know When Choosing a Dehydrator

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What You Need to Know When Choosing a Dehydrator

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The biggest question I had, when diving into dehydrating foods was how to choose a dehydrator? Here’s the answer to that daunting question.

I only recently got into dehydrating, so I won’t pretend to be the queen of dehydrating. Thankfully, I’ve got a lovely friend who is. Shelle literally wrote the book on dehydrating.

Going through Shelle’s dehydrating course (affiliate link) equipped me to dive into the world of dehydrating food and it helped me choose a dehydrator as well. Here’s what I learned.

What’s Your Budget?

Before we get into what kinds of dehydrators are on the market, let’s chat about your budget. My available funds are always my starting place when deciding on a bigger purchase. It’s part of living a frugal life to figure out how much money you can afford or are willing to spend on a certain item. There’s nothing worse than ending up with buyer’s remorse as your $193 Excalibur sits unused in the closet.

Dehydrators range from anywhere around $30 to close to $300 for a commercial grade dehydrator. You probably want to aim somewhere between the two when deciding on your budget. My budget was around $75-100.

Any Dehydrator is Better Than No Dehydrator

While you can dehydrate without an electric dehydrator using your oven or a solar dehydrator. I would argue that unless you are off-grid, any dehydrator is better than no dehydrator. I know a bunch of people who’ve been able to find fully functional dehydrators in thrift stores or yard sales for next to nothing in the States.

Buying a $7 used dehydrator and getting started, learning a new skill is much better than spending 7 years saving up for that dreamy Excalibur and missing out on all that knowledge. Can you tell I really want one?

How to Choose a Dehydrator

Now that you have decided on a budget, let’s dig into all the features and fun.

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